Fundraising ideas for your high school golf team school fundraiser

One of the most common issues high school golf teams run into on a consistent basis is a lack of funding. Often times the golf team can be overshadowed by the football or basketball teams at your high school from a funding standpoint, however, you and your teammates can be a huge help in resolving this problem. Fundraising for your golf team doesn’t have to be a chore, it can actually be fun and relatively easy!  I hope you enjoy this article highlighting some fundraising ideas to help your high school golf team raise money for the upcoming fall season. 

Golf Outing – If your high school team is lucky enough to have a good relationship with your home course or club, a suggestion would be to host a golf outing that will help benefit your team. Hopefully your course can give you a favorable golf rate for the outing. Outside of the money made from your spread between your costs and what you charge, having a 50/50 Raffle, silent auction and even mulligan tickets can add money to your fundraising. For many high school teams, running just one successful golf outing can raise enough money to fund the entire team for the year. Incorporating a long drive contest or closest to the pin challenge on par 3’s will make your event even more competitive and fun.  school fundraiser

Restaurant Night  — At the end of the day, everyone needs to eat! Take advantage of an opportunity to earn a percentage of a night’s profits from a local restaurant. Depending on which restaurant you approach, your team could potentially earn 10-20% of a nights total sales with your golf team. To name a few, restaurants such as Applebees, Chick-Fil-A, and Jamba Juice offer fundraising opportunities for your team. Click here to view other restaurant fundraising opportunities.

Golf Ball Fundraiser – Everyone needs more golf balls! As the Presenting Partner of the NHSGA, Titleist offers high school golf teams special incentives to purchase custom golf balls to help with their fundraising efforts. Order golf balls with your team name on them and sell them to friends and family at the retail price to make a significant amount of money for your team and marketing your team on the course if someone loses a ball :). Learn more about the Titleist high school program.

Discount Cards — Who doesn’t like a good discount? Discount cards are typically geared toward local restaurants and retailers that can be used throughout the year. A typical price range for these cards range from $15 to $25 and profits for your team typically will exceed 50% and at times close to 90% of total sales. If you are interested in learning more about selling discount cards, be sure to check out ABC Fundraising website

$1 Candy Bars – This fundraiser has been around for some time now, but still can be very profitable for high school team fundraisers. Part of the reason why this idea is so successful is that you will not run into many people who won’t want to buy a candy bar from you for $1, something everyone can afford. The profit margin for this sale is 50% – an easy option that every member of the golf team can help contribute toward. If you are looking to capitalize on this sweet deal, be sure to click here for more information

GoFundMe page — One of the best platforms for fundraising in the recent years has been GoFundMe – simply put, you create a fundraising campaign page, invite friends, family and classmates to view, and easily accept money by accepting a check or bank transfer. That’s it! Millions of people have created GoFundMe page and have raised over $5 billion in total.

Be sure to evaluate how much money you are looking to raise as a team along with how active your entire team will be in the fundraising event. If you are looking for other proven fundraising ideas check out what college golf teams so by reading this article.  When fundraising remember to organize, plan, and most of all, have fun with it!