The 13 Best Fundraising Sites for Individuals & Nonprofits Great Fundraising Ideas

Online fundraising sites are powerful tools to help you fundraise. Fundable is the best site for fundraising if you’re a business looking to raise capital to start or grow your enterprise. One of the best ways to encourage larger donations⁠—and reiterate the impact of an individual’s contribution⁠—is by incorporating concrete giving levels. We recommend tying each level to a tangible use of the funding to help contextualize donations.
It offers a variety of features, including customizable donation forms, email marketing, and text-to-give tools. Classy is a comprehensive online fundraising platform complete with innovative solutions for direct donations, fundraising events, peer-to-peer campaigns, recurring giving, and more. Plus, their donor management system comes equipped with powerful data insights and easy reporting tools. With a good success rate, Indiegogo is one of the most preferable personal fundraising websites for individuals to gather funds. Indiegogo, Inc. was founded in 2008 and is available in 235 countries and territories, which makes it a good choice for fundraisers to initiate a campaign through Indiegogo. Even if there is a 5% platform fee plus a 3% to 5% third-party processing fee, people still choose to start crowdfunding via Indiegogo due to the good results.
Donors to crowdfunding campaigns for the development of medical treatments risk losing the money they donate. People also can be misinformed about the safety of these unproven treatments and may face serious harm from trying them out. A businessperson may set up a crowdfunding campaign to fund a project or an invention. They may ask for small contributions — $10, $50, $100 — but these can quickly add up to thousands of dollars in funding. NationBuilder helps you create and manage your email campaigns directly from their website or mobile app.
BetterWorld is your best option for successful online fundraising. Our online fundraising solutions will always be free for nonprofits, schools, charities, churches, and more. “Raise money for anything,” no raise requirements or startup fees involved.
So many fundraising efforts, like Facebook fundraising, take personal fundraising efforts and turn them into team fundraising efforts. As you are thinking about your next fundraising project, think about creative projects that are fun, exciting, and different. People love to participate in new and exciting events and share about them on their social media platforms. One way to expand your organization’s reach and bring in new donors is using social media platforms to engage with new audiences. Just be sure to link any posts back to your website or a landing page with a time-sensitive donation link to make it easy for a new fan to support your work.
Setup is easy and streamlined, and Donate Kindly says you’ll be able to start accepting donations in as little as five minutes. Snowball offers an array of useful tools that can help your nonprofit raise money for your causes and programs. Features include custom text-to-give keywords, live event tracking and thermometers, the ability to sell event tickets, customizable online donation forms, and more. On the other hand, investing in a paid solution designed for nonprofits ensures that your organization has access to all of the fundraising features you need right away. Review Bloomerang’s guide to free fundraising software for more information about why it’s recommended to seek out a paid fundraising platform.
But this peer-to-peer payment platform isn’t ideal for charitable giving. You’re not raising money for your student organization, but to gain access to the equipment or activities you need. Great Fundraising Ideas , no sales talk.When you are ready to grow, we’ll grow with you and provide everything you need to boost your online fundraising. PayPal recently launched its ‘Generosity Network’ to act as a virtual fundraiser platform for organizations.
It allows raising money online for various purposes via Facebook, Twitter, email campaign and so on. Unlike GoFundMe and Crowdrise, it is designed to help fundraisers to tell a story attracting the attention of potential donors. All shared posts have the Donate Button with a link to your campaign. But the network has little control over the fundraisers and charges Facebook fundraising fees of 5% for each donation processing. So, a fundraiser receives 95% of each donation, while a payout may take up to 45 days. There are also problems with a registration which can last a month or even longer in some cases.
We will assist each participant in joining the fundraiser and use the
invite process to share the campaign with potential supporters via social media, text and
email. When it comes to raising funds for a nonprofit campaign, online tools that easily facilitate fundraising are essential for organizations today. Investing in these tools will allow a nonprofit to expand their current in-person fundraising efforts and attract a wider pool of potential donors. FundHub is the online fundraising platform built just for PTO / PTA groups and other school clubs / teams. We know what you need in an online platform to raise donations… Raise uses social donation technology to facilitate group-based fundraisers like those for high school sports teams, fine and performing arts programs, and other academic and extracurricular clubs.